Our Team

The association is governed by a board of trustees who work in global partnership with educational consultants, volunteers, investors and professionals who believe in and support the vision and mission of CSS.


Scot Musser

CSS Founder and Director at LIFE International School

Scot is the director of LIFE International School and the Founder of the Association Christian Schools in Spain (CSS). He came to Spain in 1998 and began working at Evangelical Christian Academy (ECA) — an English-speaking American school near Alcalá de Henares. He served as a teacher, business administrator, and finally as the headmaster for 10 years. Scot has a Master in Education, a Master in Christian Education, and is currently completing his doctorate in Educational Leadership.

Gonzalo Arrojo López

CSS Board President

Gonzalo is a Business Process Improvement Specialist with more than 17 years of experience in Project Management and Information Technology, combining both to help companies detect areas of weakness and create innovative solutions. He also coaches individual workers in becoming team players for the overall success of proyects.

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Marilyn Westergren

CSS Board Vice-President

Marilyn Westergren and her husband Tim have lived in Tres Cantos for 21 years and are the founders of the Association Global Ventures and the directors of annual Global Ventures English Camp in Tres Cantos. Marilyn has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education a Master in Counseling.

Sonia Maldonado

Board Member

Dr. Sonia Maldonado has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Puerto Rico and a Master of Divinity, specializing in pastoral counseling.  She also has a PhD in Theological Philosophy, specializing in Christian education.  She has spent many years developing new strategies in the organization and instruction of Christian education in churches and schools.  She has developed and taught courses in FATELA on pastoring a child's heart and the spiritual development of children.

Sonia Van de Pol

Board Member

Sonja van de Poll has lived in Tres Cantos for 22 years. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Therapy and a Master in Art Therapy. She also did Eirene, a family counseling course based on Christian principles.

Together with her husband Willem she is responsable for the marriage and parenting courses of Alpha Spain. Next to that, she gives private English classes to teenagers and adults.

Oscar Mesanza Jaldo

Board Member

Oscar was born in Spain and  is currently working as a physical education teacher in a school in Madrid.  He has been working with children and in education his entire career, including street children and children in difficulties, as well as working 5 years as a physical education teacher at Highlands International School in Bolivia.  There God awakened him to work for the purpose of Christian education in Spain. Oscar recently finished a Masters in Management, Innovation and Leadership of Educational Centers.

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